Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCrory and Perdue clash on off-shore drilling

Tonight, once again, I'll be blogging live from the NC gubernatorial debate on WRAL.

Bev Perdue began by telling everyone that he record as Lt. Gov. is a good example of what kind of governor she'll be. I guess she's just proving true that RGA commercial of her being "Status Quo Bev".

Pat McCrory opens by telling that he wants to focus on education -- it's amazing that there are people who are unable to find qualified workers even during such a bad economy. He says if he had a chance to reduce a tax, he would reduce the income and corporate taxes -- right now, businesses will move right over the border to South Carolina just to avoid NC's ridiculous taxes.

The first question aimed to Perdue is what really IS her position on off-shore drilling? She states that she has "always been for off-shore" drilling (although she fails to mention that she doesn't want it off HER shore). When asked what changed her mind, she claims that she has always been for it -- another lie. She also expects all oil drilled in the US to stay in the US. Oh, now she's flopping again and saying that if North Carolina has to put oil rigs on their shore, she wants it to be "fair" and have drilling off ALL states.

McCrory responds that he STILL doesn't know where she stands on off-shore drilling in NC.... we're running for NC governor, not governor of Texas or another state in the Gulf. His answer is "100% yes" to off-shore drilling in NC, but Bev said a few weeks ago that she is "100% against" drilling. He wants to use drilling to create jobs in NC.

Bev is trying to argue with Pat, and the moderators are trying to force her to answer the question! McCrory just called her out on it too -- "That's what you said 3 weeks ago, and the technology has not changed in 3 weeks". GO GET HER!

This is getting to be hilarious!

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