Monday, September 22, 2008

Hilarious statement from Democratic Governors Association

Nathan Daschle, the exectutive director of the Democratic Governors Association (a group that does their best to insure Democratic governors are elected across the country) did an interview with David Mixner this weekend about this most competitive gubernatorial races in the country.

According to Mr. Daschale, NC is among the top three most competitive races in the country. And how does the DGA introduce their candidate, Bev Perdue, to an outsider that knows nothing about North Carolina politics? Surely he would outline her experience, or important issues in her platform, right?

"Bev Perdue is running a positive campaign about her vision for the state of North Carolina. Her opponent, Republican Pat McCrory, is well-funded, well-organized, and receiving enormous outside support from National Republicans."

I'm sorry, it's so rude, but I snorted out loud when I read that. My cubicle neighbors appreciated that.

I have seen one -- ONE -- "positive" advertisement out of the Bev Perdue campaign in the past three months. It's the one that's currently running right now, because the polls are showing that her attacks on Pat McCrory (calling him a "real danger to the middle class") weren't going over too well. It seems the people of NC preferred the candidate that didn't sling mud in a pathetic attempt to win an election.

I would refer to this as the pot calling the kettle black, but that would infer that McCrory has participated in any of the name-calling that Perdue has attempted to rope him into, and he just hasn't. He's a lot nicer about this whole thing than I would be able to be.


Chase said...

If only everyone could avoid dirty politics like Obama does.

Instead, we have the right wing with their constant attacks, and this is just another attack blog.


Anonymous said...

Chase, I just spit my drink out when I read "If only everyone could avoid dirty politics like Obama does."

If Obama avoids dirty politics, I'm a Saudi Prince.

Obama's from the dirtiest, slimiest, bottom-feeding cesspool of crooks in the United States, that being Chicago politics.

Melissa said...

Ha... you want an attack blog, check out

Not only is that an ACTUAL attack blog, but Perdue links to it on her site. Yeah, that's a positive campaign.