Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCrory and Perdue clash on education

If you have the chance to see this debate, I certainly hope you are. Perdue is fighting for her life over here -- interrupting McCrory every three seconds with her "EXCUSE ME.... EXCUSE ME!"

The moderator wants to know their education priorities. This is one of McCrory's strong points. He wants to get back to teaching the basics -- kids aren't learning basic math. Also wants to put a special emphasis on vocational training to train high school kids that don't want/need to go to college.

Perdue's answer is that we need to pay teachers more and "hold them accountable", and don't have a voucher system. She thinks we need to improve public schools, and letting people choose their schools do not do that. And she just said that adding vocational training "lowers expectations"! Wow... basically just dissed every plumber and mechanic in North Carolina.

Now she's saying that mechanics are "wonderful". WTF is this woman talking about?

McCrory responded that he stands by his voucher stance. Kids "ought to be given a choice". McCorry is pointing out that Perdue has supported vouchers for college students, and yet she's attacking him for it. He doesn't think vouchers should be given to EVERYONE, just a select few.

Perdue wants to give "free and public" education to everyone in NC, and the vouchers go against that. Apparently, being able to choose where your child is educated is too much like a free market system. The moderator is now asking "where the math comes from" that the state cannot afford to give vouchers to kids who want to go to private school. She says the figure that is quoted in her ads -- $900 million -- is based on what it would cost if EVERY student went to a private school. Because, you know, that would happen.

McCrory says she's just throwing things out that aren't true. He opposes vouchers for EVERY student, and he's calling her out for lying in her ads! He is for the concept but never said he would offer a voucher to everyone -- Perdue has made an assumption. He is now accusing her of being an elitist for thinking down on plumbers and others that learn a trade rather than get a four-year degree!

The moderator is asking McCrory how he wuold help the families of pour students in regards to education. He says that schools are not fulfilling the needs of everyone. He wants to offer selective scholarships to help kids get out of poverty and go to a school that is best for them. That is where the status quo needs to be changed.

Perdue says that "Smart Start" is a good way to help families struggling with poverty -- she wants to help parents understand how to help their kids. She going to create more government programs, basically.


Gus! said...
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Gus! said...

She also mentioned that EVERY child is supposed to go through the public school system. This speaks again to her elitism.