Sunday, September 7, 2008

Convicted cop-killer opposes McCrory's plan to lift death penalty moratorium

No, I'm not kidding, although when I read it in the News & Observer this morning, I thought it was a joke (especially when I read the title):

Inmate rebuts McCrory, likes moratorium

A death row inmate singled out by Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory has responded.

At a recent debate, the Charlotte mayor said that the moratorium on the death penalty should be lifted, noting that the convicted killer of two Queen City police officers was still on death row.

"Listen, this is personal to me," McCrory said. "Two young police officers that were shot by one man with their gun, and this man has still not been dealt with even though a jury of his peers convicted him. ... There's no reason we should have the moratorium right now."

At the debate, McCrory did not name the killer, Alden J. Harden, but he did name the police officers, Andy Nobles and John Burnette. Harden was sentenced to death in August of 1994 for the killings, which took place the previous October.

Contacted by Dome at Central Prison in Raleigh, Harden said in a handwritten letter that, "I am being dealt with."

"The moratorium is set to help make sure that more people like you and my so-called peers don't take it 'personal' as well, but rather look at the law," Harden wrote. "Because everyone has a right to fight for themselves under the law."

He wrote that "there's every reason" to have a moratorium.

Apparently, the two police officers that he shot to death were unavailable for comment.

I think this article speaks for itself.

(The pictures above-right pictures are of fallen officers Nobles and Burnette)


Chase said...

Wow, next they are going to be telling us that drug dealers want to legalize drugs, and pimps want to legalize prostitution.

To quote Bill O'Reily: "I'm not buying it"

Roch101 said...

I thought McCrory was pro-life.