Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCrory and Perdue clash on lottery -- and closing statements

Another question from a web-watcher -- Why do teachers always get a higher pay raise than other state employees?

Bev Perdue attributes that to the fact that we are short on teachers, and we have to work harder to keep good teachers. She's touting her endorsement by the teacher's UNION, for some reason.

Pat McCrory "want to say for the record that I have not been endorsed by the unions". He says that you can't base additional benefits and pay on how badly they are needed -- doesn't want to be selective and offer 20 year retirement to some employees and 15 years to others.

The candidates have been asked if there is anything they would change about the lottery. McCrory says that he would not pay the directors as much as they are making, they are making way more than any other state employee. He would completely re-vamp where the lottery dollars go since there is a huge discrepancy in where the money goes in the state. Apparently, Bev is for status quo :-X

Closing remarks:

Perdue says she has the experience and capacity to move NC forward, to help schools, help healthcare, will continue to work for NC -- one size does not fit all. Her work on military has been "fabulous".

McCrory says he is running for governor because he wants to change the culture of state government -- less corruption, wants to fix criminal justice system, create jobs, keep jobs here, let people trust state government and break the power elite. North Carolina government deserves a strong leader and he has the leadership skills and wants to take that leadership to the rest of the state.

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