Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCrory and Perdue clash on illegal immigration

I had some technical difficulties for a minute, but I'm back.

There is a viewer question on how to support funding for "creative industries".

Bev Perdue says that creative industries are the future of America as well as North Carolina (WHAT?). She's praising the great opportunities we have with the SChool of the Arts and other places in NC, and she has "such a track record" of supporting arts. She says that we will see her "highly engaged" in art funding.

McCrory reponds that the arts are important, but they won't make a huge difference "if we don't have jobs". He wants to help the farmers and the manufacturers create jobs before we worry about the arts... we need jobs before we need arts. :)

The next question is on Sheriff Bizzell, a local sheriff that recently made some bigoted comments on illegal immigrants. Perdue states that the immigration system is broke and she will work to fix it (the room just said "yeah, right". She just said, "here in North Carolina, none of us are born here". WHAT? I'm pretty sure I was born in North Carolina.

Pat McCrory states that he will demand an immigration facility from the next US President. The closest one is in Atlanta and it puts a huge strain on our local sheriffs, since we have no place to deport illegal immigrants. We're putting too much of a burden on county jails right now. Jails are full of illegal immigrants who are breaking OTHER laws -- people who already broke the law coming into the country and are now harming NC citizens.

When asked if McCrory would "talk to" a sheriff like Bizzell who makes such bigoted comments, McCrory said he would, but ultimately he is an elected official and it is up to the voters to vote him out if he offends them. Perdue is basically responding that she would have spoken with Bizzell "before it got to that point".

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