Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Transparency in North Carolina government

As I write this, gubernatorial candidates Republican Pat McCrory and Libertarian Mike Munger are participating in their second televised debate without Democrat Bev Perdue. It's fairly obvious that the moderator has chosen questions on topics that McCrory and Munger disagree upon (as opposed to the last debate, where they agreed much more than they disagreed), but it's clear that BOTH candidates agree we need more transparency in North Carolina state government.

During one of the first segments, Munger announced that the state of North Carolina recently sought to buy a private jet, only to nix their plans once the media got wind of the deal.

Just a few moments ago, McCrory pointed out that Bev Perdue was scheduled to attend a fundraiser hosted by a controversial Board of Transportation member, and only canceled once the media found out about it.

It seems that Bev Perdue is more like Governor Mike "Tax-Hike" Easley than she would like people to believe.