Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Energy, illegal immigrants, gas tax

Best part of the debate so far -- Perdue was telling us why she is qualified to handle water shortages in NC by saying that she has handled this most recent shortage. Munger just called her out by stating that she has been Lt. Gov. for 8 years and we have had many shortages, and he asked why she hasn't done anything earlier. The whole room just burst into applause.


Bev Perdue states that the tax is so high, and that's why she supports "a freeze on gasoline". She wants us to come up with a different way of financing roads in NC instead of the gas tax, but she doesn't give an example.

McCrory says the gas tax is too high, but he would rather cut the income tax before cutting the gas tax, as that will affect many more people. He also thinks the Highway Trust Fund has been abused and wants to stop that in the state legislature.


Perdue would rather discuss the gas tax.

McCrory doesn't want illegals to attend our universities, those slots should be left open for NC residents, especially since our university system has been strained (esp. during hard economic times).

Munger thinks we should admit them, because apparently illegals that don't go to college get into drugs. Ehhh....


McCrory believes in off-shore drilling and natural gas. The number one issue is jobs, and those should be created through our energy policy.

Perdue refuses to address off-shore drilling because Congress has repealed the moratorium, and therefore it doesn't matter what she thnks. McCrory rebuted and pointed out that the states will still have some control over whether this is drilling off the coast of NC -- Perdue just doesn't want to have to take a stance.

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