Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live blogging the LAST gubernatorial debate

I'm blogging the final gubernatorial debate at Dilworth Grille in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to a bad internet connection, I've missed the first 15 minutes, but hopefully not too much. For the first time in this election season, Pat McCrory, Bev Perdue, and Mike Munger are all debating each other on the same stage at the same time (Perdue has skipped the last two debates, while Munger was invited to and attended both).

While screaming at my internet connection, I've witnessed Bev Perdue flub over several lines while delivering her usual talking points. Pat McCrory, on the other hand, has successfully showed the audience that he has the experience to lead the state, as seen most recently by his meeting with the head of Wells Fargo, which has recently announced it's plan to buy Charlotte's own Wachovia.

They just asked a question about what should change in regards to the income tax and corporate taxes in NC, and Perdue is talking about how she handled Hurrican Floyd. I'm really not sure that was part of the question, but that was her answer.

McCrory basically addressed Perdue's answer and explained that she is part of the wasteful spending that has helped raise NC's taxes. When he becomes governor, he wants to get rid of the secretive wasteful spending in order to help lower all taxes, which as Munger pointed out, are some of the highest in America.


eformanator said...

Pat is doing a great job. I am so proud of him.

Melissa said...

He did great! I feel really good about this election :)