Monday, October 27, 2008

Perdue's attack ads about garbage are... garbage.

Well what do you know…

Bev Perdue has been running negative ads against Pat McCrory that accuse him of wanting to let New Jersey and New York dump their trash in North Carolina. Her reason for running this ad? A $1000 contribution made to Pat McCrory from “an individual connected to a North Carolina waste management company”. Because of this single contribution, Perdue has concluded that Pat McCrory must be in the back pocket of “Big Garbage”, and has run numerous ads about this very issue.

Interestingly enough, it seems Bev Perdue is being quite hypocritical in this respect. Perdue recently received a $4000 contribution from Tonio Burgos of New Jersey, the owner of a lobbying firm that represents Sims Hugo Neu, a company which has been planning to build a landfill in Brunswick County.


You know, this isn’t even about the issue of allowing landfills in North Carolina. I personally think that such an issue should be left up to the communities they affect. If the people of Brunswick County think that it would be best for their local economy to build a landfill, then what business is it of mine in Guilford County? Likewise, why does is this Raleigh’s business? Why should Brunswick County forgo what they think may be a lucrative contract because Big Brother in Raleigh has decided to limit what businesses are allowed in our state?

That’s not even what this argument is about. Perdue is not attacking McCrory’s views on the issue, she’s attacking the fact that he accepted $1000 from someone connected to NC waste management. And yet, she is the candidate who accepted four times that amount from someone in New Jersey with a fiscal interest in North Carolina’s waste management system.

As SNL’s Amy Poehler would say – “REALLY, Bev Perdue? Do you REALLY want to make that argument? Huh!”

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