Wednesday, October 15, 2008

education issues in the final debate

I wasn't aware that the 4-day work week was an issue, but apparently it is, and Perdue is against it. She doesn't think it will work in NC, but she wants to do as much business as possible online.

McCrory is also against it, but he wants to change the culture of arrogance where no one dares question the state government's decisions.


McCrory thinks that letting DC tell us how to run our local schools is wrong. Communities, principals, and teachers need to have more control over education, not bureaucrats.


McCrory -- on a limited basis, especially for special needs children, need a choice

Perdue -- "the only person on the platform standing between the people and vouchers". Is that supposed to be a good thing? This is why I don't want our health care to be socialized -- look at how powerless we are in the education system!

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