Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An overview of the debate

Wow, it's already over -- time flies when you're watching Bev Perdue get smeared by Pat McCrory! McCrory won that debate hands down. It was so obvious that Perdue was reciting memorized talking points. Even her laughs seemed choreographed.

One watcher commented to me that she smiles at such inappropriate times. Like I mentioned in one of the posts, she was grinning wildly while talking about gangs in NC. The only thing I can figure is that she smiles when she knows she is touching on a point that she has studied very well (and not having to ad-lib too much), but it's a bit creepy. At least Pat exhibits human emotions while answering questions!

I got a few text messages during that debate on how poorly Perdue was doing -- and they weren't all from McCrory supporters. Hopefully, the rest of North Carolina will realize how clueless she is!

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Gus! said...

Just watched the debate. Purdue got hammered. I mean this was not even a contest. She was very deceiving about the off-shore drilling issue. She was talking about in Mexico NOT North Carolina! Pat called her on it twice. Is that the kind of leader we need?