Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCrory and Perdue on offshore drilling

Bev Perdue supports off-shore drilling IMMEDIATELY now! Wow, this woman is all over the place. She thinks all coasts in America should be open to drilling IF CONGRESS DEEMS IT SO (key words there) and she thinks each state should have the OPTION to drill off their own coast.

Pat McCrory says he STILL doesn't know where she stands on the off-shore drilling issue. He has never changed his position on the issue, he is still a strong advocate FOR off-shore drilling, and he feels it will also improve out national security. We shouldn't be dependent on the Middle East. He just pointed out that Perdue only wants to drill in Gulf of Mexico (which she has alluded to) and she CACKLED at him. It was very classy. Perdue has said she is 100% opposed to offshore drilling, and that is probably still her position, but we really can't be sure.

McCrory, (who has worked for Duke Power), just told the audience that you ALWAYS have someone make sure a building project is safe before going through with it, and this will be true with offshore drilling. However, it has been successful along Gulf of Mexico, and it can be successful here.

Perdue is AGAIN saying she supports offshore drilling -- however, she doesn't think it's safe to drill until a team of engineers tells her it's okay to do so.

Isn't that what Pat just said?

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