Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCrory and Perdue on death penalty and taxes

McCrory thinks we need to lift the moratorium on the death penalty. He wants to know WHY we even have a moratorium. He doesn't think people who have lost loved ones should have to wait this long for justice to be served (and I agree!).

Perdue is distancing herself from the moratorium, and saying that she wants the death penalty reinstated... but also that she thinks the courts of North Carolina that put the moratorium in place should be trusted. WTF. Someone wants it both ways.

They just asked what the candidates would do about the gas tax! Perdue is trying to say that she "fussed" against the state legislature this year about the high gas tax. Yes, that's right, "fussed". Andy Griffith, who is supporting this silly little lady, would be proud. Aaaaand she failed to give an actual answer.

McCrory states if he had a chance to remove a tax, he would remove the income tax which punishes working people! God, the Libertarian in me is so in love right now. McCrory is very worried about how gas prices are going to affect North Carolinians, especially this winter.


Ryan Radford said...

My one point of contention with him the entire night... he didn't call her out for not actually doing anything about the gas tax. The only "fussing" she and the Dems did was AGAINST the cap.

This is one of our strongest issues this cycle... he definitely should have noted that Republicans are responsible for lower gas prices in the state right now. -10 points.

By the way, you def. didn't mention you'd be at Lounge 101; I thought you were going to be at the debate. I could have had a beer and screamed at a tv among friends rather than in my living room. -2 points for you.

Melissa said...

I didn't know until today, actually! I got a pass to go to the studio, but I opted to attend the debate watch at Lounge 101 instead, so I could catch other people's reactions as well.

Ummm, no, no it didn't have anything to do with it being half-priced wine night ;)

Anyway, they're going to have these groups during each debate, so I'll keep you updated.

Ryan Radford said...

Awesome! Actually, you were probably better off there; we were sternly told at the primary debate at WTVD to move our car inside the gate so it wouldn't be vandalized, despite the security guards and police on site. Kind of a rough place.