Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perdue Hypocrite on PAC Contributions

Charlotte, N.C. – Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor, today called Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue a hypocrite for accepting over $850,000 in PAC and committee money since 2000 and then criticizing McCrory for sending a fundraising letter to PACs.

“The lieutenant governor has criticized me in recent news reports for sending a letter to political action committees requesting a contribution,” said McCrory. “My request stated it would help me make constructive change to state government. There was no promise of any political favors in return. Perdue, on the other hand, has a record of slipping special provisions in the budget to help special interests who give her large contributions. She is part of the culture of arrogance and corruption I intend to change.”

In 2008, Perdue reported $376,293 in contributions from PACs and committees while McCrory reported $62,657. McCrory campaign consultant Jack Hawke dismissed Perdue’s criticism by saying, “the PAC lady sitting in the smoke-filled rooms making deals has no standing to criticize her opponent.”

Perdue has been investigated by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) for illegal contributions from the health care industry and for contributions alleged to be in return for road paving. During the primary with Richard Moore, a member of the state Board of Transportation resigned in controversy over fundraising for Perdue. In addition, Perdue was editorially criticized for a fundraiser by the Chairman of the ABC Board and for fundraising efforts by a liquor industry executive.

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