Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCrory: When it comes to public safety, where has Perdue been for the past eight years?

New Bern, N.C. – Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor, today presented his plan to improve public safety and reform North Carolina’s criminal justice system at the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association Conference in New Bern. He highlighted many key differences between his record of effective executive leadership and the lieutenant governor’s record of supporting a failed status quo for the past eight years.

“When it comes to fighting crime, I’ve been on the front lines for the past 12 years while the lieutenant governor has turned a blind eye to the problems,” said McCrory. “I’ve seen county jails overflowing with people sleeping on floors, gangs infiltrating our schools and illegal aliens filling our jails. I’ve seen our state judges and district attorneys work out of cardboard boxes and I’ve seen our state mental health patients transferred to local jails. When I led a bipartisan group of mayors and law enforcement officials to Raleigh to work on solutions to these problems, the lieutenant governor was nowhere to be seen. Now she’s ‘forming a plan’ that’s ‘emerging and changing’ that calls for another government commission to meet in Raleigh and talk about the problems. Where has Lt. Gov. Perdue been for the past eight years?

“Now that she is campaigning for governor, Perdue is drafting a plan that should have been written eight years ago. North Carolina needs a governor who cares about public safety even when it’s not an election year. We need action and effective executive leadership.”

As Mayor of Charlotte, McCrory responded to an inadequate state criminal justice system by:

• Hiring hundreds of new police officers;
• Opening a local crime lab because the state lab couldn’t handle workload; and
• Transferring local funds to state district attorneys.

McCrory defined his vision for improving public safety if elected governor by saying he will work to:

• Increase salaries for judges and district attorneys;
• Lobby for an immigration court and detention centers for juveniles;
• Build a bigger and better crime lab;
• Pass anti-gang legislation with stronger penalties;
• Provide more flexibility for local administrators of courts;
• Build more prisons;
• Reform mental health program so we don’t have overflow patients going to local jails; and
• Lift the death penalty moratorium.


Ray McKinnon said...

You fail at mention here that it is not the job of the Lt. Governor to draft plans to cut down on crime. It is right and appropriate for the mayor of one of the largest cities in NC to have plans to end crime; that is his job. It, however, was not the job of Bev Perdue, the Lt. Governor to have such a plan. It is time for her to have a plan now and that is why she is drafting that plan so that we can look objectively at both plans and decide which plan we would like to represent the views and convictions of our state. It would come as no surprise to you that I am a fan of Bev; she is going to do an incredible job for this state.

I must say, however, that I fully agree with your view of BJ Lawson; he is a great candidate and I have broken ranks with my party to support him; yea even to campaign for him!.

Melissa said...

Give me a break, Bev's had her eye on the governor's seat since her first day as state rep. She just didn't see crime as a priority in North Carolina. She expects that this race should be hers, since she won the Democratic primary (and Democratic candidates tend to win the gubernatorial race), and I get the feeling that she's a little put off by the fact that she's having to campaign so hard. If she hadn't thought that this race would be handed to her on a silver platter, she would have already have unveiled her plan.

Kudos on Lawson, though. Were you a Paul supporter as well? We could use more candidates like them.