Wednesday, July 23, 2008

because it's not snooping when a Democrat does it

Well, Bev Perdue has proven once again that she can't run a clean race to save her life.

It seems our illustrious lieutenant governor sent a mole to a Pat McCrory fundraiser last night in Sanford, North Carolina. Will Matthews, a Duke University student and "Strategy Statistics Analyst" for Bev Perdue attended the event with the one tool a sneaky "statistics analyst" should never be without -- a tape recorder. Matthews also made a contribution of $50 to the McCrory campaign, stating on the check that the payment was for "The future of America".

The campaign appears to be taking this pretty well. Campaign manager Richard Hudson looks on the bright side of the issue in a statement released this afternoon: "“Mr. Matthews has clearly seen the light as indicated in the $50.00 contribution he made at the Sanford fundraiser, noting on his check that the contribution was ‘for the future of North Carolina. I am giving this young man the benefit of the doubt. Surely he wasn’t engaging in campaign dirty tricks when he attended our fundraiser with a tape recorder."

Come on, Bev. This is so... so.... 1972.

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