Sunday, May 18, 2008

I have reason to believe that I have victories to taste

I'm back.  Promise.

I had to take a break there right after the primary.  It's not that blogging is incredibly stressful, but politics was my life for that last week.  I was literally scheduling time during my days to do post entries.  It sort of took over.

I'm pretty upset that my voice post that I did during the McCrory victory party didn't take.  I thought I told it to post publicly, but it posted privately instead.  Anyway, for those of you that don't keep up with NC politics, Pat McCrory won the Republican nomination, so he'll be running against Bev Perdue in the November election.  He's already ahead in the polls :)

The primary night party was the first actual victory party I've ever been to.  I've worked on plenty of campaigns, but I always seem to get sick -- like really REALLY sick -- pretty much the day of the election.  During the primary season in 2004, the doctor couldn't even tell what I had.  I remember she told me, "Well, it looks like the flu -- but it's not."  And it lasted for pretty much two weeks after the primary.  That November, I was so sick the night BEFORE the election that the guy I was dating at the time actually called my mother to have her pick me up at his apartment because I was so insistent on driving to Reidsville the next morning to vote and he knew there was no way I could drive safely.  I made her drive me back to Victory 2004 headquarters after voting that morning so I could spend my day calling people to remind them to vote.  I actually think I fell asleep a few times while making those calls.  As soon as I got back to my apartment, I passed out.  I missed the actual election results as well as the party, but  kept me updated via text messages, so everytime I woke up after having a nightmare that Kerry had won, I could just check my phone and go back to sleep in peace (believe it or not, this happened at least three times throughout the night).

Luckily, I avoided all that this year.  I made it out with no more than just a really nasty sunburn (don't even TALK to me about my tan line right now) and a bit of a hangover the morning after.  I had been a little concerned as the primary date loomed closer that it wouldn't go quite as smoothly as it did, and I asked several of my politically active friends what it's like to be at a victory party that doesn't result in a victory.  Fortunately for me, my first victory party WAS a victory party.

We took Guilford County, the county that I was focusing on, by almost 20%.  The Guilford County volunteer coordinator kept me updated throughout the night to Guilford's numbers, and when he gave me the final results, I told him, "I'm going to take full credit for this."  He laughed and said that I could if I wanted to, because he was just glad that we had done it.

I began my political hiatus the day following the primary, as you can tell by my lack of blogging.  I didn't even bother to publicize my accidentally-private final voice post (nor did I even listen to it).  I was just -- DONE.

I'm gearing up for November though.  I'm going to be getting a blog that's solely political to redirect my address to.  Any tips?  I see that a lot of people are using WordPress now, so I guess I'll look into that.  If anyone has any other outlets that they think are particularly good, I'd appreciate some insight on those as well.

Also, I got a new video camera for my birthday, so I'll be getting into the YouTube scene like I've been wanting to do for the past year or so.  Matt and I went around UNCG this weekend, and I took some video of all the crap taxpayers are wasting their money on right now, and I think they turned out really well (the videos, not the stupid crap taxpayers are paying for).  I'm attempting to figure out my new "movie-maker" software right now, so I'll post some of my work after I clean it up :)

I'm looking forward to this upcoming campaign season.  I think I'm ready.  And I think North Carolina is going to see its first Republican governor in 15 years.

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