Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now I'm REALLY sad that I missed it!

Pat McCrory revs up crowd at Take Back Our State rally

Before speaking, McCrory played a drum set for about a minute while Dallas Woodhouse, N.C. director of the anti-tax group Americans for Prosperity, sang the song “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

“I got kicked out of ninth-grade band because I'm a bad drummer,” McCrory said afterward.

That is simply awesome.

I have to confess that I knew about the Take Back Our State rally in advance, but was unable to attend.  Truth is, I scheduled it in my old phone, which has since died, and I wasn't reminded about it until this past weekend, and it was just too late for me to justify take the time off work to drive to Raleigh.

I know that's a sad excuse, but trust me, I really regret not going.  Aside from Pat McCrory, other speakers that I would have killed to see included Bob Dole and Michael Steele.

I attended the state Republican Convention a few weeks ago, and I have a great video of McCrory that I wanted to post that Sunday, but my computer ate half of it.  No worries though, I still have it on my camera, and I'm in the process of uploading and editing it AGAIN.  The convention was fun, I helped man the McCrory booth for a while, hung around the Fair Tax booth for a bit, and went to a wine tasting sponsored by a judicial candidate.  I TOLD you Republicans know how to party.

Funniest part was that a group of Democrats ACTUALLY protested the convention!  It was a small, sad little group of college-aged kids holding Kay Hagan signs and placards with witty sayings such as "Send Elizabeth Dole back to Kansas!"  I heard that later on, someone dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz came out.  They didn't last long, because it got up into the 90's, and I guess protesters just aren't as hardcore as they used to be.  For those of you that don't know, Kay Hagan is running against incumbent Elizabeth Dole for US Senate.  The really sad part about it all is that Hagan is a woman and very moderate, giving her a very good chance against Dole (especially in what is likely to be a Democratic year nationally) -- but if she keeps nutbags like these protesters around her, she's going to scare off the potential crossover votes from the Republicans and the Independents.

I guess I got off track, but I did have one more thing to comment on in that original article that I posted:

N.C. Democratic Chairman Jerry Meek on Wednesday criticized McCrory's record on taxes, citing a report in January from the conservative John Locke Foundation that said Charlotte had the highest per capita local tax burden in the state for seven straight years.

“Now McCrory wants to be a fiscal conservative,” Meek said in a statement.

Now, I'm aware that the Democrats had their own primary to worry about while McCrory was winning the Republican nomination, but do I REALLY have to go through all of that crap again?  Newsflash to Mr. Meeks:  MCCRORY VETOED THE TAX INCREASES.  It was the Democrats that overrode the vetoes to help raise taxes on the citizens of Charlotte.  Try looking in a mirror next time.

And what's more, why on earth does the head of the Democratic Party care about Charlotte having high taxes?  No matter how high Charlotte's taxes are, Jerry Meeks, Bev Perdue, and the rest of the Democratic elites would like to see it raise higher.  After all, there are a lot of "evil rich people" in Charlotte, and we need to spread that wealth around.  It simply isn't fair to those in NC that don't have or make as much as them!

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Ray McKinnon said... are going too far when you start to bash my boy Jerry (all in jest...).

One reason that he may care about the high taxes in Charlotte is because he will soon be a citizen of the great city of Charlotte, NC. He is not running for another term as head of the great Democratic Party...