Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What North Carolina's education system REALLY needs...

I plan on getting a little sleep tonight, so I can't do too much blogging, but I did have some points to address.

Did anyone catch the Democratic gubernatorial debate last night?  Holy jeez.  I mean, aside from completely disagreeing with every point she made, Bev Perdue's voice makes me want to stab myself to death with a rusty fork.

I did find it amusing to see how they contrast with the Republican candidates.  Pat McCrory's answer to education has been a greater emphasis on vocational training and 2-year community colleges (he always stresses that we should put the "tech" back into technical colleges).  Moore and Perdue think the answer is to give every person in NC a free 4-year college degree.

Yeah.  THAT will help the dropout rate.

Anyway, this weekend at the Civitas Leadership Conference, the GOP gubernatorial candidates debated how to fix NC's ailing education system.  Here is Pat McCrory telling the audience what he thinks the education system really needs:

And later, McCrory responds to the Democrats' ideas of how to fix NC's education system.  I really think this was one of the best speeches of the night:

Let's face it.  He just rocks.

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