Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pat McCrory is the man

I'm super busy right now, but I'm too afraid that the primaries are going to sneak up on me without having posted my support for the only Republican gubernatorial candidate that has a chance against Beverly Perdue.


North Carolina has had something like two Republican Governors in the past 100 years.  Just a few years ago, Mike "Tax-Hike" Easley was one of the most unpopular guys in NC politics, but the slew of bumbling idiots on the Republican side made it easy for him to hold his position for another four years.

NOW, Easley's Democratic Lt. Governor, Beverly Perdue, thinks it's her turn.  I'll be completely honest with you: I voted for "Bev".  In fact, I was a big proponent of her running for governor (especially since I couldn't stand anyone on the Republican side).  But that was before she took a complete nose-dive over to the left.  Now, every other commercial on local television is Bev talking about how all North Carolinians have a "right" to healthcare, or complaining about the "greedy" lenders that dared to foreclose on the homes of people that refused to pay back the money they owed.  I've spent the last month begging my parents (who are registered Democrats and therefore must vote in the Democratic primary) to vote for anyone BUT Perdue.  If nothing else, the name recognition will do us in.

Pat McCrory is the only Republican candidate that has a chance against Bev.  He's been mayor of Charlotte (easily NC's most liberal city) for 7 terms now -- a record, mind you -- and during those years, he actually brought crime DOWN 33% even as crime rates nationwide were skyrocketing.  Home values have actually gone UP in Charlotte... which is a refreshing change.

The other gubernatorial candidates know he's the best chance we've got, and they've been shamelessly attacking him.  I can promise you right now: if you nominate Bill Graham, Fred Smith, or Bob Orr as the Republican candidate, WE WILL LOSE TO BEVERLY PERDUE.  He may not be as socially conservative as they are, but social issues aren't a part of his agenda.  Look around you, North Carolina -- is our greatest threat right now gay marriage?  Do we really want a governor that's going to make taxes and the economy take a back seat to school prayer?

I've already emailed the campaign to see if I can help out in any way, and I've offered to use my vacation time to volunteer.  This is a man I truly believe in.  Check him out.

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